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Friendship Matters - Farmer's Story

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Friendship Matters - Farmer's Story Roy or, as he likes to be known, Farmer and Ray met at Start Me Up Niagara's Vineland Farm Project. They made a connection while working together picking fruit and vegetables out in the fields. After a while they started to have lunch together at the Chinese Restaurant in Vineland. They had many good conversations and seemed to have common interests. When the Vineland Farm was on winter break, Ray asked if Farmer would like to come over for lunch at his place in St. Catharines. Ray would make him lunch and they would just sit and chat. Ray visited Farmer at the Hotel in Thorold and was quite concerned for his well being. He has also visited Farmer in Niagara Falls and continues to keep in communication with him. Ray did all of this out of the goodness of his heart, and asks for nothing in return except Farmer's friendship.

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