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Options Niagara - Transitional

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The Options Niagara Transitional Program focuses on young adults with a developmental difference and provides support as they transition into the Niagara community.

About the Options Niagara  Transitional Program

Options Niagara is a region-wide program that provides support to young adults between the ages of 18 and 35, with a developmental difference, as they make the transition from school to community life.

A Person Centred Planning process is used to help each person create and achieve their dreams and desires as well as build a network of support within their community.

Learning opportunities are provided through training and connecting people to other supports in areas such as;

  • goal planning
  • rights, respect and responsibility
  • self advocacy
  • healthy living and nutrition
  • abuse prevention
  • food handling and cooking
  • anger management
  • employment and volunteerism
  • literacy and basic skills
  • healthy relationships
  • money skills and management
  • problem solving
  • making community connections

Options Facilitators

Options Facilitators work with people they support to help them develop the skills and connections they need to be successful and achieve the level of independence they have chosen.

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