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Giving Back Matters..... Jenn's Story

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Giving Back Matters..... Jenn's Story Jenn has a history of participating in fundraising opportunities. She takes great pride in giving back. She cut her long hair a few years ago for cancer so they could make wigs and she regularly participates in Team Mainstream events such as The Alzheimer’s Walk and The Big Bike.

When she decided that she wanted to do more, it wasn’t a new feeling for her. Around the same time, Jenn had starting running to get in shape, lose some extra weight and to feel better about herself. 

Jenn thought she could do something good for others with her running.  Her SIL worker Sarah, helped her train at the local track. She entered her first 5K race to raise money for Red Roof in April 2016.  She then participated in the Rankin Run for Cancer, and most recently The Grapes of Wrath mud obstacle race.

In total she has raised $292.00 for these causes.  When asked why she chose to do these type of events she replied, “I like to raise money, and it makes me feel good about me”.

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