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Working towards a goal.... Jordan's Story

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Working towards a goal.... Jordan's Story

When I met Jordan, his goal was to get his own apartment. With support from Options Niagara, Community Living Port Colborne Wainfleet and his family, an apartment was found in Welland. Jordan found it very difficult to live on his own. He had no experience staying home alone at night or for extended periods of time. He had always lived with his family.

Jordan required support to learn to cook, budget and find activities to help him get out of his apartment regularly. Jordan was not leaving his apartment other than to visit with his parents and his mental health was deteriorating. As a result he was creating issues with other tenants, calling staff, other agencies, his landlord, property manager and family several times a day. It became clear that Jordan being away from friends and family was not working well.

Several meetings were held to help come up with different ways to help Jordan and support him with these issues. With support from Options Niagara, Jordan contacted Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) to apply for Supportive Independent Living (SIL) supports. Together we walked around his community to learn where things were and how close he lived to different stores he could go to. We also came up with a budget and a schedule for cleaning.


Reminder notes were left in his apartment to go for a walk. Jordan and I started looking for apartments in Port Colborne as this is where his supports are and his family. He is comfortable and knowledgeable about this community. It is where Jordan wanted to live.

With support from his family, Jordan adopted a kitten which gave him some purpose and someone to look after. Jordan’s family regularly drops in and takes Jordan out for coffee or to do his groceries. He continues to have visits in the family home and does his laundry there. His mother is working with Jordan on cooking freezer-friendly foods. Jordan was offered day supports at Community Living Port Colborne - giving him something to look forward to.

With all of these supports in place, Jordan’s phone calls have decreased. He is more active in his community and gets out regularly to walk or use his e-bike. He cares for his cat with no support. Recently, Jordan was accepted into the SIL program at Community Living Port Colborne Wainfleet. He has a new apartment in Port Colborne and is doing well.




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