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Employee Recommended Workplace Award to Mainstream

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 Employee Recommended Workplace Award to Mainstream The Employee Recommended Work-place Award, jointly created by The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell,  recognizes companies for excellence in achieving a healthy, engaged and productive work force. And it’s an award based entirely on feedback from employees. Here’s how it works. A company’s employees take a survey based on four pillars: work, life, mental health and physical health. Mainstream had a 72% response rate to the survey.

Employees’ well-being is scored based on their responses, and the aggregate of responses determines their company’s score. Those companies that meet a minimum statistical threshold earn the distinction of being named an Employee Recommended Workplace and can use the award badge to promote their company. This is no small feat. It means those companies were in the top percentile among participants and have a work- place that prioritizes health and wellness. In 2018, 53 organizations received the designation Employee Recommended Workplace.

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