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Mainstream & Gateway Alliance Update - May 2019

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Mainstream and Gateway are pleased to announce that after careful planning and discussion both boards of directors have voted in favour of forming a Strategic Alliance! 

There are 8 areas of business where resources will be shared:      

1.   Governance (Mainstream and Gateway will continue to have separate boards with a joint committee)  

2.   Leadership

3.   Financial Management

4.   Information Technology

5.   Human Resources Management

6.   Property Management

7.   Community & Fund Development

8.   Support Services with a focus on People with a Dual Diagnosis

Operational plans for each of the 8 business areas are underway and will continue over the next year.  In April 2020, an evaluation will be done by our consultants People Minded Business to see how well the M&G Strategic Alliance has done, so far, in achieving its vision and meeting objectives.

M&G Strategic Alliance vision:

“We envision that by coming together and sharing resources, people supported by Mainstream & Gateway will receive better, innovative housing & supports from 2 stronger organizations.”

M&G Strategic Alliance objectives:
  • Heightened efficiencies – make the most of our resources
  • Rise to new levels of effectiveness - expand and advance our capacity to provide progressive supports to people with a dual diagnosis and other people who typically “fall through the cracks”
  • Develop alternative housing options
  • Employees at both agencies will expand their knowledge and skill sets for supporting people with a dual diagnosis
  • Both agencies being well positioned as sustainable organizations
  • The developmental services sector and mental health sector having a cross sector strategic alliance project from which to learn and replicate

    This is an exciting time at Mainstream and Gateway.  Stay-tuned for further updates. 

    Feel free to email any questions to either executive director: 


    Kevin Berswick:

    John Osczypko:

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