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Mainstream & Gateway Alliance Update - February 2020

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The Mainstream & Gateway Strategic Alliance continues to move forward. Below is a quick review and summary of actions taken since May 2019.

We are sharing resources in the following 7 areas:

1. Governance

  •      Mainstream and Gateway continue to have separate boards with a joint committee
  •    both organizations have approved a Memorandum of Understanding

2. Leadership with 1 Executive Director

  •       John Osczypko will be the ED of both Mainstream and Gateway when Kevin Berswick retires June 30, 2020

 3. Financial Management

  •       Margaret Beaupre will be the full-time Director of Finance for Mainstream and Gateway Shared Services Entity ( MGSSE) starting August 1,2020
  •        Danielle Gdanski, Finance Manager at Gateway, will be retiring by July 31, 2020
  •        there will be 2 Finance Assistants, 1 at Mainstream and 1 at Gateway

4. Information Technology

  •        both agencies will continue using Bowes IT

5. Community Fund and Development

  •        we are exploring grant opportunities to fund this role

6. Human Resources Management

  •        Laurie Ryan-Hill was hired in November 2019 as our joint Human Resources Director

7. Support Services with a focus on People with a Dual Diagnosis

We are proud to share that people supported by our respective agencies are already benefiting from our alliance in these ways:       

  •    increase in education for people supported and staff about resources, programs, and services
  •   more access to rent subsidies and housing opportunities
  •   increase in social opportunities through shared information and existing recreation committees
  •   additional advocacy as both agencies are speaking on behalf of people supported by both organizations
  •   external recognition, and curiosity, by other agencies that Mainstream and Gateway are sharing resources and  working closely together – this makes       both  agencies forward thinking and standout among peer agencies and funders


In April 2020, an evaluation will be done by our consultants People Minded Business to see how well the M&G Strategic Alliance has done, so far, in achieving its vision and meeting objectives.


M&G Strategic Alliance Shared Vision:

“We envision that by coming together and sharing resources, people supported by Mainstream & Gateway will receive better, innovative housing & supports from 2 stronger organizations.”


M&G Strategic Alliance Shared Objectives:

  •        Heightened efficiencies – make the most of our resources
  •        Rise to new levels of effectiveness - expand and advance our capacity to provide progressive supports to people with a dual diagnosis and other               people  who typically fall through the cracks
  •       Develop alternative housing options
  •       Employees at both agencies will expand their knowledge and skill sets for supporting people with a dual  diagnosis
  •        Both agencies being well positioned as sustainable organizations
  •       The developmental services sector and mental health sector having a cross sector strategic alliance project  from which to learn and replicate


Feel free to email any questions to either executive director: 


Kevin Berswick:


John Osczypko:

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